Why us?

We're here when you need a hand...

Service accountable provides service to customers looking for local services or contractors.  Finding services at a fair price is difficult when you don't have the trade-knowledge and expertise to know if you are being treated fairly.  Service Accountable has licensed professionals that help contractors submit fair bids, while providing them with the applicable information they need.


How it works


Project Management

Not only is this an affordable service to customers (with no upfront cost), but it is also a form of accountability for contractors, helping them submit fair bids and build honest reputations.

*First, we collect the information contractors will require to meet your service request.

*Next, we analyze the job along with local hourly rates to come up with an estimate range for the contractor.

*Then we call local contractors/servicemen to provide the information along with our recommended estimate range.

*We then pass along your contact info so that you can coordinate appointments.

*After you select a contractor, and the job has been completed, you pay a small fee (5% of awarded contract) and provide us feedback and rate the contractor based on several criteria.